Cookery Courses


Courses are run by Aberdeenshire Council for a maximum of 12 students and consist of three parts:-

Part One – 10 weeks.

The recipes are quick and easy and do not require a long list of ingredients.

Part Two – 10 weeks.

The recipes taught are more of an entertaining variety and make seemingly difficult dishes easy to prepare.

Part Three – 6 weeks.
By popular demand, this new extra course explores more advanced and relatively unknown recipes.


Private lessons and demonstrations arranged and customised to your own requirements. These can be arranged at your home or in my own kitchen. Rates and arrangements for demonstrations depend on venue and requirements. Please contact me for further details.


Marianne Tymons
The class was fun and sociable as well as educational. It got me out of the house and mean’t I did not need to cook dinner the next day! I learned about dishes I have never heard of before and will now be added to my regular meals.

Michael Stuart
Very enjoyable, nice people and very instructive. The use of mixed spices rather than buying ready mixed was much more fun and also gaining an insight into Indian food.
Instruction was very hands on which I liked.

Marion Hart
The class was fun and has given a knowledge and insight of Indian cookery that has enhanced our eating experiences. It was nice to cook with spices and know that other additives have not been included.

Susan Wilson
I learned how easy it was to cook Indian food and the fact that you don’t need as many spices as you might think to make a real authentic curry.
Absolutely anyone who enjoys Indian cuisine would enjoy this class

Kathleen Decubriele
I loved this class. I really enjoy cooking and it’s been good to learn a new type of cookery. I have gained a much better understanding of the different spices and amounts required.
A great class for anyone. I have already mentioned it to a couple of friends and think my husband would even consider it!

Hannah Smith
I have thoroughly enjoyed the three terms of the class. I feel I have learned a lot and would be comfortable to repeat the dishes in my own home. I enjoyed the relaxed, friendly atmosphere of Nino and the class.

Maggie Smith
Very much liked the relaxed style of Nino’s teaching, gaining knowledge of Bengali cooking. I would definitely recommend the class to other people and have friends who are hoping to join the Rosemont class. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and am sorry it’s over.